Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside

Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside

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Whatever type of environment you operate in; there are few areas that would not benefit from the application of resin flooring. A well laid resin floor has many practical uses and will always improve the look and feel of any type of space or work area Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside.

Manufacturing and Industry
As well as creating a pleasant environment, resin floors represent an ideal solution for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. Here, resins are formulated specifically with these users in mind, and floor treatments are designed to be easy to clean, tough and durable Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside Manufacturing facilities are exposed to the most hostile of conditions where flooring needs to withstand high impact loads as well as the most corrosive and aggressive of chemicals. Suitably adapted resin surface flooring has the ability to stand up to the most demanding of conditions and will easily resist deterioration.

Food, healthcare and pharmaceutical
In areas such as these it is crucial that hygienically clean and spotless floor spaces are maintained. Resin coated floorings are seamless and, unlike conventionally tiled floors, do not allow bacteria to find a way into the surrounding gaps. Another beneficial feature of resin flooring is its ability to withstand cracking and scratches. Environmental Health Workers always look for such defects and costly repairs are usually required. Advanced Polymeric flooring, however, eliminates problems caused by cracking and can be laid quickly with little disruption to business activities. A distinct advantage with resin flooring is that it can be laid straight on to concrete or metal surfaces and is frequently self levelling.

Retail, home and office
Resin surface flooring has exceptional versatility: as well as offering an extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant floor surface, the option is Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside available to integrate features such as company logos and original colour schemes. Say goodbye to the cold and clinical flooring solutions of the past; today’s advanced resin formulas mean you have the opportunity to build a design scheme of your own choice in which you can incorporate different colour schemes and patterns.

Here are just a few resin floor possibilities:
• Reception areas
• Corridors
• Cafeterias
• Clothes stores
• Supermarkets
• Warehouses
• Interior rooms
• Workshops
• Play areas

Many coating solutions nowadays allow you to choose from a range of glossy or sparkling finishes. All these available options mean that resin flooring is increasingly becoming the obvious choice for domestic projects. Apart from being ideal for external buildings such as garages and workshops, resin flooring has now become a realistic prospect for luxury interior home flooring.

With more great colour schemes becoming available, along with choice of finish and decorative patterns, the best floor manufacturers are now offering their customers a world of fresh, stylish and exciting new flooring opportunities Epoxy Resin Coating Ambleside.